Welcome to Ahimsa, a blog that will relay animal rights and vegan-friendly information and news. I’ve wanted to start a blog focused on veganism for a while, but it’s just now that I’ve gotten everything set up. I hope this blog will aid people in starting and learning about a vegan diet, as well as reinforce those ideas and further the knowledge of current vegans.

I’ll start off the blog with a little information about myself. I’ve been a vegetarian for six years, and a vegan for about 2 and a half. My next post will discuss my reasons for the change. I’m currently a student majoring in political science with a double minor in philosophy and journalism. I love to write, so blogging is just a natural thing for me to do, especially when I get to write about topics I’m passionate about.

I want to make this blog great, so if anyone has any suggestions let me know in the comments. I hope everyone enjoys Ahimsa.