Helping animals is important, but a lot of people aren’t able to donate money to organizations they support, or spend a lot of time volunteering. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t still help. There are a number of ways to help animals (along with other causes) without ever leaving your desk.

The Animal Rescue Site allows you to simply click a button to feed animals in shelters. From this site you can also donate to save the rainforest, improve literacy, put an end to world hunger, provide mammograms, and improve children’s health.

Care2, a social networking and news site based around charity and progressive ideas, has a feature much like the Animal Rescue Site. You just click a few buttons and you’ve instantly helped stop global warming, save the rain forest, rescue baby seals, help the world’s oceans, save land inhabited by snow leopards and other large cats, feed primates, help children in need, help pets in shelters, end violence against women, and help find a cure for breast cancer.

GoodSearch allows you to choose an organization you support, and every time you search, you’re actually donating money to that charity.