I used to hate to cook, but after becoming vegan I realized that I was tired of eating salads and soy. So I learned to cook, and with that learning came my appreciation for the art. Learning to cook opened me up to a whole new world of experimentation, such as raw food.

A great way to promote veganism is to feed people. Many times people will turn up their noses at the thought of a vegetarian meal, but if we show them how tasty our meals our, it would in promote our cause and enhance their feelings of the movement. So, for your benefit, I’ve compiled a list of resources on veg*n cooking. Have fun!

Compassion Over Killing
Fatfree Vegan Recipes (probably my favorite site!)
Kake’s Vegan Cookery Site
L.O.V.E. Raw
Random Vegan Recipes
Veg Cooking
Vegan Dad
Pamela Cooks!
Happy Vegan Face

If I’ve forgotten anything (and I’m sure I have!), please add your favorites in the comments below.