Here’s a bit of an update on yesterday’s post about someone shooting a bear cub in the head, draping it in Obama signs, and leaving it at the entrance of (my own) WCU campus.

According to our state of police, seven people have been interviewed about the incidents. It seems this was a prank rather than a political statement. Supposedly, they found the already-dead body of the bear while “searching for firewood.” They threw the body in their truck and decided to put it at the Catamount statute at the university’s entrance. The signs were just to stop the blood from getting on their truck. I don’t know if any of this is true or not, especially since they had plenty of time to put a story together.

No charges have been filed thus far. Let’s hope that changes. This has put a damper of the university, who doesn’t need or want this kind of negative publicity.

WCU: 7 suspects interviewed, call WCU bear incident a prank, not political