The Hours, a British rock band, is making a new video. From ecorazzi:

At the start of the video Sienna [Miller] appears wearing a hospital gown and totally freaking out as she tries to escape from a clothing store. Later, Miller walks into a room filled with dripping cow carcasses and proceeds to rub the blood all over her body, before blurting out the line: “Death feels like the safest place for me right now.”

Animal cruelty is not art. This isn’t the first time “art” has been made by exploiting animals. Earlier this year, so called “artist” Guillermo ‘Habacuc’ Vargas

tethered [a dog] without food and water under the words ‘Eres Lo Que Lees’ – ‘You Are What You Read’ – made out of dog biscuits while he played the Sandinista anthem backwards and set 175 pieces of crack cocaine alight in a massive incense burner.

This sadistic bastard wouldn’t say whether or not the dog survived (probably becauses it didn’t), but only that he “wanted to test the public’s reaction, and insisted none of the exhibition visitors intervened to stop the animal’s suffering.” So, not only is he a cruel jerk that should but probably won’t be prosecuted, no one did anything to help. Seriously, why didn’t someone just take the dog out of there. The director of the gallery said the dog was fed regularly and was only tied up for three hours. Sure.

Animals are living, sentient beings, and as such do not deserve the pain and suffering some humans are more than willing to lay upon them. Animal cruelty laws should be expanded in all countries, and animals used for “art” and “entertainment” should be boycotted by all of us who care deeply about animal welfare.