Yep, that’s right. Until now, the European Union has not allowed the sale of “oddly-sized or misshapen fruit and vegetables being sold in Europe.” (BBC News)

The rules were introduced to ensure common EU standards, but are regarded by critics as examples of Euro-madness.

Some 20% of produce is rejected by shops across the EU because it fails to meet the current requirements.

No kidding about the “Euro-madness!” 20% of food is thrown away. That is such an incredible waste, just because the veggies aren’t perfect. People have been spoiled into believing that produce has to be big, beautiful, and flawless. However, the only reason supermarkets are full of such products is because the fruits and veggies are either gassed, grown in a greenhouse, or pumped full of pesticides and chemicals (or, more likely, a combination of the three). They have no flavor. None at all.

From my experience working in local produce, the uglier the produce is usually the best. Sure, our local tomatoes might be small and a little spotty, but once you bite into one you understand the charm of using little or no chemical sprays and of buying from your local farmers. The sad truth is that most people don’t give the “ugly” vegetables a chance, they head right for the mass-agriculture-produced tomatoes that have such a mild flavor.

Life right now is pretty good for people living in the developed world, where we have the luxury of being stubbornly picky. But life isn’t going to stay this way. Every day we see a few more signs of how dangerous global warming is going to be, and the food and water shortages that will undoubtedly result. Better care needs to be taken of the world’s current food production issues. This not only includes fruits and vegetables, but also factory farming. This sort of production is advancing the effects of global warming at a rate that can no longer be ignored.

The best diet for the earth is one based on locally produced fruits, nuts, and vegetables. The simpler you keep your diet, the better it will be for both yourself and the planet.