My love of blogging has been rekindled. I’m not sure what’s done it, but I miss blogging. So instead of a few posts every now and then, there will be at least one new post every day. Yay! To motivate myself to do this, and to attract new readers, I’m starting a series of new features. Here they are:

Sunday: Top 10 Recipes of the Week. I’ll post links to the ten most exciting recipes from the vegan blogsophere.
Monday: Website of the Week. There are thousands of vegan websites, but some are better than others. So I’ll check them out for you!
Tuesday: Vegan Video. I’ll try to find an interesting and/or relevant video from YouTube to post here.
Wednesday: Vegan Tip. Being vegan isn’t always easy, so here’s a few tips that’ll help.
Friday: Vegan Story. This isn’t new, but I would like to start it up again. I just need writers! 🙂
Saturday: Shopping List. Pretty much pointless shopping porn, but what the hell. My favorite vegan products.

I left Thursday blank because I couldn’t think of another feature. So until I do I’ll just post an open thread every Thursday where readers can comment on whatever they want. Also, if you have a website, video, recipe, or, especially, a vegan story you would like to see on Ahimsa, leave me a comment letting me know about it! I’d love suggestions too!

Ahimsa also has a new look! What’dya think?