This post is about a month late considering my birthday was March 19th, but I still wanted to share.

I had a cheesecake for my birthday every year until I was 19, the year I became a vegan. I only ate it once a year, and it was one of my favorite traditions. Whenever someone would ask me what I missed most from my non-vegan days, I almost always would answer “cheesecake.” Well, I don’t have to miss it anymore! 🙂

Now, on my 19th birthday, my aunt and I did attempt a vegan cheesecake. But since neither of us had much experience with vegan cooking, it ended badly. The recipe we used was terrible – the cake was basically tofu and maple syrup. I should’ve known better since I hate maple syrup, but I figured we could try it. One bite and it was in the trash. Worst vegan cooking incident I’ve ever had.

I gave up on vegan cheesecake until this year, when my friend Carol told me she’d help me make a cheesecake for my birthday. And guess what – it was awesome!!

019I can’t find the exact recipe, but it was made of tofu and cashews with a graham cracker crust. It had a distinct lemon taste (which was ok since I love lemon!), and it had the consistency of a real cheesecake, unlike that infamous tofu/maple syrup cake that wiggled. I can’t wait to make it again next year!

We also made isachandra’s Chocolate Smlove Pie, which was also delicious. Here’s the picture, although the pie wasn’t quite finished yet. By the end it had a nice chocolate drizzle.
018We also made the black bean and sweet potato enchiladas from Vegan Planet. Healthy and yummy! Sadly, they were the first vegan enchiladas I’ve had, mainly I usually take the easier route and make burritos.
016017Needless to say, it was an awesome birthday (minus the after-effects of the previous night’s whiskey pong).