Every Wednesday I’ll post a vegan tip to help you along the vegan way! šŸ™‚

This week’s Vegan Tip is for all of you who have hundreds of bookmarks for recipes you’ve found online. I read around fifty vegan blogs, most of which post recipes. I hated how I would bookmark them and then spend way too much time looking for them again when I wanted them. Then I came upon my new favorite application: Evernote.

With Evernote installed and the additional browser button, when you see a recipe you like, simply highlight what you want, click the Evernote button in your browser, and the recipe is saved on your computer. You can also add tags, and I like to tag all major ingredients so if I happen to have an extra head of kale I’ll have a fast and convient way to get a recipe. Evernote is free, although you can upgrade for extra storage. However, that probably wouldn’t be necessary for most users. Free users get a set amount of montly usage – or how much you can add in a month for free. The first month I had Evernote installed, I added around 180 recipes and never even came close to the limit.

Evernote also syncs the application with its website, so you can publish the recipes you’ve save in a link you can pass along to your friends.

Here’s a video introduction:

So what are your favorite ways of keeping track of recipes?