The Complex Issues Behind Obesity and Children of Color – Vegans of Color – Native American children are suffering the most from childhood obesity. Finding out why isn’t so easy since there are a number of factors that could explain the differences.

Much has been written about the devastating effects global climate change will have on both the human and wildlife populations. However, how our companion animals will be affected has not been discussed. According to NewScientist, global warming is leading to an increase in the flea and tick populations, which could lead to a large spread of disease for pets. The ticks and other disease-spreading insects are also experiencing increased periods of activeness. No longer are they creatures of summertime – now that the other seasons are warming up, they are staying out longer.

The GirlieGirl Army has an amazing post about animals in circuses, including information on the legal action going on to try to stop the cruelty. It’s mind-boggling to me that there are still so many people who are not aware of the way animals used for entertainment are treated. Boycott the circus!!

Nicholas Krisof, writing for the NY Times, discusses how “animal rights are now firmly on the mainstream ethical agenda.” Peter Singer is included.