The university where I am currently enrolled is not vegan friendly. Once in awhile there’s a vegan item in the cafetaria, we have Einstine’s Bagels, and once in a great while you’ll see a frozen Amy’s meal in one of the convience stores. The food choices are terrible. So when I went to the food court about a week ago and saw a new vegan product, I immediately bought it so I could try it out. They started selling microwavable miso soup in two flavors – wakame seaweed and tofu.
001To make them, you boil 3/4 cup water, then empty the flavor and paste packets in and stir.
0024When you open the packet of paste, it sort of looks like apple sauce. And when both packets are mixed into the boiled water, it has an almost fishy odor from the seaweed. It ended up not really looking anything like on the package:
0033Even though it didn’t exactly look great, I went ahead and tried it. What did I think? ewwww. I can stomach a lot of weird tasting food, but this was just bad. Really, really bad. I haven’t ate a lot of seaweed in my life, so I don’t have much to compare the taste to, but suffice it to say that it leaves a pretty bad taste in your mouth. For a quick meal you’d be better off with some ramen or something. And if you want miso soup, make it your own. Because I hope real miso soup doesn’t taste like this.