It’s time to talk about food. First, my roommate and I decided to have another vegan taco night. We used the same meat as last time, Yves Veggie Cuisine’s Meatless Ground Taco Stuffers. It’s perfect for tacos and has such an amazing flavor. I did add a taco seasoning packet to it to give it a little extra kick, but you honestly don’t need it. We bought some salsa, tomato, taco sauce, and soft and hard shells, since my roommate and I wanted two different kinds. (That’s the cooked “meat” in the bottom left corner.)
0141We also tried to make a chocolate pudding pie. It ended up tasting fantastic (especially with the graham cracker crust), but it never hardened. So we were left chocolate soup in a pie tin.

I <3 chocolate!
I ❤ chocolate!
Soup. After a couple hours in the fridge.
Soup. After a couple hours in the fridge.

When we went to Ingles to get the ingredients for vegan taco night, I came across Worthington Loma Linda Big Franks. Hot dogs in a can essentially.
loma-linda-big-franks-06080They weren’t great. I ended up cooking them and cutting them up in some vegetarian baked beans. Not terrible, I just wouldn’t recommend them to anyone. They were pretty plain tasting. And at over $6 for 10 links, a little expensive.