Over at environmental blog ecorazzi, the question of ethical vegan shopping has come up. Kathy Freston, author of the book Quantum Wellness, told Oprah that in order to support vegan products, she buys vegan items from non-vegan companies.

It’s just like restaurants. I almost prefer to go to mainstream places because I think it’s good that they get requests for vegetarian and vegan meals. The more they get positive feedback on that, the more items they’ll add to their menus. And I think it’s the same with fashion houses.

I agree completely. I know there are some vegans who refuse to buy a vegan product if it is made by a company they deem to be unethical. I totally respect their decision. However, when you buy a product, you are telling that company what you want. It might be a cliche, but money really is loud. A company is going to base it’s future products and decisions off what people are buying now, so if you want to see more vegan products on the market, start showing your support.