The meat industry in North Carolina is worried that a new bill in the state legislature could put an end to meat production, even though that is not even close to what the bill is about. From the pro-meat industry News & Observer:

The public is very unaware that the Humane Society of the United States has a very direct agenda to eliminate the use of animals for food,” said Kay Johnson, executive vice president of the Animal Agriculture Alliance, a livestock industry-supported group based in Washington.

The article goes on to discuss the worries of the meat industry regarding a future where legislation would require hens to be given enough space to live comfortably and other such animal welfare standards, and how that would essentially put producers out of business. Pity.

From the way meat producers are acting toward this bill, you’d think it was a bill that would ban factory farming and meat-eating altogether. But here’s what the bill is really about:

The House agriculture committee is expected soon to hear a bill pushed by the national Humane Society that regulates and imposes licensing for commerical dog breeding. Some dog enthusiasts oppose the bill but its proponents portray it as a crackdown on puppy mills…

In addition to the dog breeding bill, the group is backing legislation here [in North Carolina] that would prohibit keeping a dog on a tether, such as a rope or chain, for more than nine hours a day. The organization also supports a bill to prohibit keeping a fox or coyote in an enclosed area so that dogs can practice hunting them.

Yeah, that totally sounds like the bill will abolish meat eating. The meat industry is using scare tactics to try to ensure that animal welfare regulations are not placed upon them so they won’t have to spend the extra money to give farm animals enough room to live a more comfortable life. The welfare of the animals mean nothing to those people, it’s all products and money.