Since I didn’t get a chance to post the Top 10 Recipes last Sunday, this week you’re getting the top 20 recipes from the last two weeks. Enjoy!

20. Southwestern Tortilla Soup from Hello Veggie

19. Vegan “Meatballs” from Healthy Vegan Blog

18.Pumpkin Pie Stir Fry from Chocolate-Covered Katie

17. Zucchini Pasta with Sweet Pepper Marinara from Choosing Raw

16. “Camping” Corn Chowder from Rhymes with Vegan

15. Thai-Style Noodles in Coconut Sauce from Holy Cow!

14. BBQ Black Eyed Pea Burgers from My Veggie Kitchen

13. Coconut Milk Dinner Rolls from Cupcake Punk

12. Hawaiian Carrot Salad from Vegalicious

11. White Bean Stew from The Vegan Foodie

10. Mediterranean Inspired Lentil Stuffed Peppers from The Vegan Foodie

9. Spicy Sesame Adzuki Bean Burger from Swell Vegan

8. Fire Roasted Channa Masala (Chola) from Happy Herbivore

7. Brown Rice Fusilloni with Cheesy Shiitakes from The Discerning Brute

6. Carrot Rice and Creamy Potato Curry from Holy Cow!

5. Sweet Potato and Kale Quesedillas from Vegan Dad

4. Potatoes McFarland from My Veggie Kitchen

3. Lentil Stuffed Collards ‘n Easy Marinara from happyveganface

2. “Chicken” and Broccoli in Black Bean Sauce from Cupcake Punk

1. Oh, reuben…don’t take your love to town from Rhymes with Vegan