I seriously wasn’t expecting to be away from Ahimsa for almost five months!! When I’m home for the summers, I usually don’t have internet. Since my mom doesn’t own a computer, I just don’t see the point of paying for just 3 months of internet. I can do without when I need to.

This summer was strangely nice. Even though it was incredibly boring (all my friends moved away!), I did lose 40 pounds!! I’m pretty stoked about that. Since I’ve come back to school I’ve lost another 10. I’ve always been overweight, so it wasn’t really easy to completely change all my habits. But that’s what I did – no more empty calories, healthy low-fat meals, small portions, and plenty of exercise. I feel incredible. I have a lot more energy and, let’s face it, losing 50 lbs does wonders for your self-esteem! The highlight of it all was when I moved into my new apartment on the fourth floor and I haven’t once gotten out of breath by walking up the steps. A year ago I would have been huffing and puffing all the way up!

I also transferred to a new university where I can study my very first love – atmospheric science. I love weather, and it’s great to be able to have the opportunity to learn it in an academic setting rather than on my own. AND – the town I now live in is known for it’s vegan-friendliness!! woot 🙂

A couple of years ago I found out how much I loved to cook. For those two years or so I mainly stuck with recipes I found in cookbooks and online. Recently, however, I’ve began to experiment with my own creations, and you can bet I’ll be posting those here!!