Yesterday was quite the day for Ahimsa. My blog got the best number of hits in a single day ever – 1,525 hits!! Most were for the Mac-Stuffed Portobello Mushroom post. Usually, this blog averages about 100 hits a day, but here’s what I saw when I logged in this morning:

blog stat

Wowza. So thanks to everyone for taking a look!

I wanted a really quick lunch today since I had just been on a 2 hour bus adventure (public transit! woot!) to pick up a few groceries. I had some leftover refried beans, and about 1/4 can sauerkraut from the pizza I made yesterday. So I mixed the two together and stirred in some chunky salsa. It made a interesting filling for a pita.  003

[Picture: my sauerkraut/refried beans pita and instant mashed potatoes]

So onto a review of my side: Road’s End Organic’s Instant Mashed Potatoes and Chreese. Ewwww. I tried both the microwave method, which was actually the better of the two, and stovetop. However, either way you cook them, they just aren’t good. There’s a definite pasty taste, and no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get rid of the lumps from the stovetop method. They certainly are pretty though – almost pumpkin-orange in color. As much as I love this company’s macaroni and cheese, the potatoes are nowhere close.