Only 2 more days! 🙂

Last year I loved reading all the Vegan MoFo posts I found. After all, I spend way too much time looking at vegan food porn and recipes. This year I decided I would participate myself. The main reason I didn’t last year was because I didn’t really start cooking until the beginning of this past summer. Sure, I would cook in order to have food to survive, but I didn’t enjoy it. Everything’s changed now, and I cook just as much for the pleasure as for the nutrients.

I’m going into this third Vegan MoFo armed with seven cookbooks (Vegan Soul Kitchen, Veganomicon, La Dolce Vegan, Vegan Planet, Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen, RAWvolution, and Raw: The Uncookbook), and I also have ideas for some creations of my own! I’m really looking forward to a whole month of food blogging! 🙂

If you have your own blog and would like to get involved, head over to Cake Maker to the Stars, where it’s being hosted.