I’m very, very new to baking. New as in, I baked my very first cookies (by myself – I’ve made them with help) 2 or 3 weeks ago. I made another batch of oatmeal raisin cookies last week using a different recipe, which were much tastier. This week I wanted to make butterscotch chip cookies using the awesomely-vegan Food Lion brand. I made butterscotch chip cookies last year with a friend, and they turned out great. So imagine my disappointment when I pulled this out of the oven:


I used a recipe from ChooseVeg, which looked pretty simple. I’m not sure what happened unless the recipe just isn’t that great or the butterscotch chips were old or something. They tasted alright, and my roommate also approved, even if they were hideous. I still had a little more batter left, so I thought, “what if I just make them bigger?” So I did.


They were even worse. They were absolutely gooey and gross. I really think the problem was with the chips, since in both batches the problems were centered around them it seemed. The recipe I used called for a cup of chocolate chips. Maybe a cup of butterscotch chips was too much?

At least lunch was ok. I had some Thai sesame noodles (pre-made), gimme lean sausage, and some fried bread. My mom loves making fried bread and it’s super easy – just fry a slice of really good bread in a little extra-virgin olive oil, with dried thyme and rosemary. Yumm.


Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions about what might have gone wrong with the cookies?