Having had my eye on Veganomicon‘s Chickpea Cutlets recipe for a while now, it’s pretty sad that I’ve had the cookbook well over a year and just now got around to making it. I’m mainly disappointed because I found out how good they were, and learned that I’d been missing out all this time.

The recipe is ridiculously simple, and the end result was really… meaty. It sort of reminded me of chicken patties. I tried these babies two ways based on that “chicken-ness”: as a sandwich, and with gravy and greens.

The sandwich was super-simple: two slices of whole wheat bread (I didn’t have any vegan buns), vegan mayo, crunchy lettuce, and the smallest bit of Dijon. It turned out lovely:


The next night I tried them Southern-style. I’ve never made vegan gravy, but a local restaurant makes the best I’ve ever had, and since eating there a couple weeks ago I’ve been craving it. I used a recipe from since I had all the ingredients handy. It turned out good and thick. I got sort of lazy with the greens and just heated up a can of kale I had. It was a really good hearty meal.


I also really like how well these freeze. It would be simple to double the recipe and stick the extras in your freezer, especially since one can of chickpeas is two cups, and the original recipe only calls for one.

Does anyone have a favorite vegan gravy recipe? Now that I’ve mastered that one, I want to move on to even better gravies!