Hey y’all! Sorry I have been seriously neglecting this blog. I had a family emergency early last week and had to go home immediately, then I came down with a pretty nasty cold, and now I’m having another little health issue I have to deal with. So there hasn’t been much time for blogging, plus I hate when I try to write and any negativities I’m experiencing come out in my writing. I’m normally a very positive, happy vegan, and I really want that to come across in my posts.

Going to a doctor’s office stresses me out more than anything else in the world, so to cheer myself up after my visit this morning I hopped on the bus and visited a local health food grocery store, Greenlife. The people there are so friendly, and the vibe so naturally comfortable that it makes grocery shopping a super-fun adventure. Usually I just go to Ingles, which is closer and cheaper for basics, but I felt like something special (plus I was out of vegan mayo & cheese).

I filled up my backpack with goodies like Veganaise, a tangerine, squash, local turnips (!!), frozen breaded mushroom bites for my mushroom-loving boy, 2 packages of ramen (soba and garlic pepper), Rising Moon Organics Garlic & Chanterelle Mushroom pasta sauce, dried rubbed sage, elbow macaroni, Tofurkey Cranberry & Stuffing deli slices, tofu, garden veg tempeh, Mango Soy Delicious Coconut yogurt, strawberry kombucha, kelp noodles, Tom’s of Maine deodorant stick, and locally made hemp lip balm. But this post is going to be focused on a frozen meal I bought to eat as soon as I got home: Sukhi‘s frozen Vegan Chili Chicken (soy nuggets with vegetables in chili sauce).

At $5.29, it was expensive, and usually I don’t buy frozen meals at all. But I knew I was going to get home well after noon, and that I’d be pretty hungry since the cold leftover pizza slice I had for breakfast probably wouldn’t hold me over much. I was very impressed. Normally, frozen food to me is tough, flavorless, and unfulfilling. It’s boring. But this meal wasn’t only hearty, but was also spiced perfectly, and the naan that came with it was superb. It tasted fresh! (Plus it was awesome with a little melted Earth Balance smothered over it!) It honestly tasted as if someone had just cooked it up. Despite the price, I would highly recommend this product to fellow vegans. Here are a few pics, sorry about the poor quality, but I was starving!

003005Do any of you have a favorite frozen meal you’d like to share?