I used to be a big pasta whore. I ate spaghetti or some other type of pasta dish every other night or so when I was in high school. It’s easy, cheap, fast, and carbs really are a comfort food. I loved alfredo, but I just didn’t eat it that often because I much preferred marinara, and after becoming vegan, I didn’t even care that I couldn’t have it anymore – I couldn’t have been less concerned with finding a substitute.

I stopped eating pasta when I decided to lose weight. Don’t get me wrong – carbs are healthy, and I cringe anytime I hear someone say they’ve cut them out completely. I can’t imagine how terrible my life would be without whole grain breads and pastas. However, I have greatly limited my intake. And, unfortunately, now that I’ve tried VeganYumYum‘s Hurry Up Alfredo, I’m going to have a lot of internal struggles when it comes to trying to convince myself I don’t need pasta every single night.

It is so freakin’ delicious!!! I did deviate from the recipe slightly – I went to my cupboard only to find that my cashews had turned rancid. I only recently found out you’re supposed to keep nuts in the refrigerator, and hadn’t yet moved them. So I just used almonds instead. Cashews are buttery, whereas almonds are a little more hearty, so I’m sure it changed the taste, but now that I’ve gone with almonds I doubt I ever even try the cashew version. It was unbelievably creamy and filling, and it’s hard to believe it was as simple as just throwing the ingredients into a blender. This single recipe has made me want to buy the new VeganYumYum cookbook (once I’ve got money that is – being a broke college vegan means limiting cookbook purchases). Has anyone tried this yet?

004Since I was young enough to be able to eat pasta, my family and I have paired alfredo sauces with peas. It almost seems unnatural to have one without the other. I’m the same way with mac n’ cheese – I have to eat it with broccoli.

Here’s a picture of the sauce cooking with the pasta. Admittedly, I probably used to much sauce, but who cares? It was good.

003Wow. And, psst, notice there’s a whole almond in there. I blended for a couple minutes, but I don’t mind chunks of nuts. It just adds texture 🙂

When I was at Greenlife a couple days ago, I picked up kiwi berries because I’d never heard of them. They’re adorable, and sweeter than normal kiwis. I don’t know much about them, and I’m not sure if I’d buy them again (I’m becoming very conscious of how far food travels to our plates and how environmentally destructive this is), but they were definitely interesting.

001Like my creek rock??