Ever since I got Bryant Terry’s Vegan Soul Kitchen, my boyfriend has been asking me to make the black-eyed pea fritters with hot pepper sauce. I’m generally not a fan of deep-fried foods because once I see the copious amount of oil used it’s so hard to bring myself to actually eat the food. However, I’d read such great reviews of the recipe on various blogs, and since I had a can of black-eyed peas I decided to make them for him.

Disaster. This was my very first try at deep-frying anything, and it looks as though I’m gonna need a lot more practice. The fritters fell to pieces. I knew from reading Holy Cow (one of my favorite vegan food blogs) that it could be done using canola oil rather than coconut oil, since the latter just doesn’t fall within my student budget. From reading Vaishali’s post, I learned that she had trouble with the fritters falling apart in the batter. She used some chickpea flour to remedy this, and since I have some on hand, I figured if anything went wrong I could just throw some into the batter and everything would be alright.

The first couple fell to bits in less than a minute. So I added the chickpea flour, and tried again. Same thing. Each fritter would get eaten away by the oil, and I ended up with a pile of black-eyed pea mush in the bottom of the pot. I was determined that these work – not only did I want to impress the boyfriend, but I also don’t take cooking disasters very well. So next I tried flattening them and cooking them in a frying pan. They still fell apart. At this point I only had enough batter for four tiny fritters left, so I just threw them in the oven. They came out alright, but they were in no way impressive. If anyone has any tips about making this recipe work, please let me know in the comments. I would love to try them again, especially since I feel incredibly frustrated with the whole deep-frying part itself.

The hot sauce, however, was fantastic. The only problem was that it wasn’t quite hot enough for us lovers of spicy food, so next time I’m going to add another habanero.

This morning we wanted waffles, so I yanked out my 1972 waffle iron my grandmother gave me, and whipped up the gingerbread waffles from Isa Chandra Moskowitz’s Vegan Brunch. The flour was a little lumpy (maybe I should start sifting it), but they tasted fantastic. My boyfriend said they tasted like Christmas. I didn’t use to like waffles, but between these and her chocolate beer waffles, I have definitely changed my mind.

Sorry I forgot to take pictures. So here’s a picture of me and my cat 🙂