I love to drink – I will never lie about that. And yes, I know alcohol is bad for you and has lots of empty calories, blah blah blah. Who cares? It’s yum and makes you feel good! 🙂

My very favorite ex-roomie, Ashley, came over last night for some wine and drinking games. But because we didn’t know the rules to any real drinking games, we just played Go Fish with a “drink for x seconds if you’re made to ‘Go Fish’ rule.” We bought three boxes (ha!) of wine, and after the first box was gone in five minutes (btw- each box holds about 3 glasses of wine), we decided to make wine smoothies with some fruit from my freezer.

Mango, strawberry, and white zinfandel wine. The result was very pretty. The wine was pink to start with, but the strawberry enhanced it and even the seeds were nice to look at.

Ashley showing off our awesome smoothies!

Ashley said it tasted like watermelon, and it kinda did. It solved our problem of sort of gross room-temperature wine – the frozen fruit made it so cold that chugging it during our exciting game of Go Fish gave us brain freezes.

There are going to be many more wine smoothies in our future, I’m sure.

Here's me chuggin' away... my hand was full of high cards 😉