I haven’t had enchiladas in about a year, so I definitely jumped at the chance to make the Potato and Kale Enchiladas with Roasted Chile Sauce from Veganomicon when my boyfriend told me he wanted it for dinner. It’s one of those recipes that I would obviously love to try because it sounds delicious, but it’s a little to complicated to make on my own.

Originally we had considered buying a pre-made enchilada sauce to cut down on effort/time, but thank goodness we didn’t! The chile sauce was incredible – better than anything you’d buy in a store. Plus using an immersion blender is just awesome.

The recipe did take a bit of effort – dice and boil potatoes, chop kale, roast chile peppers, etc. It was all worth it though. I was specifically excited about roasting the Anaheim chiles since I’ve never done that before.

The filling

The best part of the filling for me was the kale, simply because it’s one of my favorite parts of life (seriously – I really, really love kale). But the toasted pumpkin seeds gave it a little crunch and added some flavor.

Here’s the finished product. Yummm.