The weather has been so incredible here in Asheville. Mid- to high-60’s, sunny, happy. I feel rejuvenated after that long, snowy winter!

With the sun shining so brightly, I was craving something light for lunch. I didn’t have anything to make a salad, so I settled on some instant red miso soup and the mango lassi from Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen.

I’m not a fan of instant soup at all. I would much rather whip up my own. However, I have seriously been wanting some miso, but right now I can’t afford it. I found a packet of Sushi Chef Instant Red Miso Soup for about $1.50, so I thought “What the hell – I’ll try it.” I was pretty surprised. It doesn’t have the health benefits of homemade miso soup (boiling miso kills some of the nutritional goodies), but it tasted pretty good. Waaay better than the last instant miso soup I had!

Last summer, I relied on Ani Phyo’s smoothies as breakfasts before I headed to work every morning. I tend to relate summer pretty heavily to smooties and fruit drinks (homemade of course – why drink something with 10% juice and buckets of added sugar?). The Mango Lassi is one of my favorites, mainly because I love mango with a passion.

Overall, my lunch was light and flavorful, just as I wanted it. Now I’m ready to get back inside before the rain hits.

A special spot within the Botanical Gardens where I played in the creek with a very lovely fellow đŸ˜‰