It almost amuses me to hear about the ridiculously gross concoctions meat-eaters come up with. Remember Paula Deen’s deep-fried, bacon-wrapped macaroni and cheese? This morning I came across something even worse – a bacon “sandwich”, which consists of bacon smothered with cheese and slapped between two pieces of fried chicken.

Ugh. It really brings to home the fact that there are some people who simply don’t care about their health.

Speaking of gross food, I’ve been watching Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution . There has been three episodes so far, and I’m pretty impressed. I know from personal experience how unhealthy and unappetizing school food is. I was obese in middle and high school, and the greasy french fries, pizza, and giant cookies did nothing to get my health and weight under control. I feel that fixing school lunches to include healthy, low-fat meals based on vegetables and whole-grains is incredibly important.

For anyone who has watched the show, I’m sure you’ve noticed how the citizens of the town, as well as school cook Alice, are completely uncooperative. It’s sad that they don’t see what is wrong with eating overly-processed foods, but it should not be surprising. The majority of Americans are the same way. These “quick-fix” foods have been pushed on all of us our entire lives, and it takes initiative to make a commitment to healthy, whole foods.

It’s so, so important that people understand that what goes into our bodies effects our entire lives. When you eat healthy, nutrient-dense foods, you are going to feel better, have more energy, and be happier.