I have some really bad news. I talked in my last post about my new house. Well, the second week I lived there, my incredible sweet boyfriend met my aunt and cousin to pick up Mom’s cat to bring to live with me in Asheville. I was the chosen one to take care of him after Mom died, and I was glad that he wouldn’t be by himself anymore.

The sad news is that about a week later, the back door got left open one day I was at work, and Flava Flav got outdoors. He’s an indoor cat, and he was brand new to Asheville, which meant he wouldn’t know the area very well.

I was a mess for a few days. I walked around the street calling for him, talking to neighbors, calling animal shelters… but no sign of him. It’s been a couple weeks now, and I’m beginning to come to terms with the fact that he’s probably not going to come back at this point.

I miss him terribly. And the worst part about it is the guilt I feel. I haven’t actually even told this to anyone in real life yet, because I’m not sure I even want to talk about it. But I feel guilty, like I let Mom down for not taking better care of him. I’m sure she wouldn’t of seen it that way, that it was my fault. And I know it wasn’t my fault and that sometimes terrible things just have a way of happening. I wish those feelings would go away, as I’m sure they’ll do in time.

I’ll miss you Flava Flav. I hope you’re with a super-loving family. ❤