Still alive, don’t worry.

I moved into a new house August 1st, with two awesome roommates that I actually get along with. It’s turning out pretty good, although it got off to a rocky start considering I didn’t have a bedroom door until a couple weeks ago. Parties aren’t so much fun when you’re trying to go to sleep so you can wake up and be to work at 8am!

Despite the fun, it’s been hard for me to post because we don’t have internet. Sure, we could just call the local wireless provider and sign up, but we’re broke  early-20-somethings with no dough. It’s much cheaper not to have internet.

What does all that have to do with veganism? Well, it turns out my house is only a 10 minute walk to Amazing Savings! The first time I went, I came out with all this loot for just $9.90:

I got two packages of Gardein for just 99 cents each! Plus saffron for $1.99, hemp tortillas, yogurt, organic zucchini, vegan sprinkles, and more. I have literally gone to Amazing Savings every other day now. It’s an obsession. As soon as I get off work most days, I walk from the transit station to the store, a mere two or three minutes. Even when I go overboard and buy things I don’t actually need (like cocoa java BBQ sauce), I don’t feel too bad because I’ve still spent less than I would have on necessities at a regular grocery store. And nothing is out of date, or open, or anything. It’s wonderful.

My future posts will probably materialize from food items I pick up at Amazing Savings. Also, I’ve got a bunch of posts coming, because I have a bunch to share!