The super-generous people at Field Roast sent me coupons to try three of their products for free. I was incredibly excited, because normally their products would be far too expensive for me to buy. I already knew the flavor I wanted to try the most – apple sage.

I actually tried three different flavors: apple sage, Italian, and Mexican chipotle.

(Sorry about the lack of pictures – it’s incredibly difficult to get a good picture of Field Roast with a lousy cell phone camera.)

The apple sage was incredibly delicious – definitely my favorite. I was surprised at the texture and how “meaty” it was! The Italian was good, much better than the Tofurky Italian sausages. And the Mexican chipotle – well, it bleeds. When I sliced the plastic off, red vegan-sausage blood spilled out a little. I yelled out “It’s bleeding!” Super-spicy yet delicious. I cooked it until I burnt it, but I swear it was on purpose. Good vegan tacos come with super crunchy chunks of sausage.

So, that was a quick post on Field Roast. I wish I could afford their products more often. One day…