Sunday my boyfriend treated me to breakfast and lunch on the town in Asheville.

For breakfast, we went to Rise ‘n Shine Cafe on Merrimon Avenue. It’s a cute little restaurant, and very bright and colorful.

I knew they had vegan options, but I was slightly disappointed in their breakfast choice (I didn’t look at the lunch menu, but I think they have a TLT) – a potato bowl with tempeh. I love potatoes though, so I figured it would be pretty good.

I wasn’t impressed. When you order the vegan potato bowl, they sub tempeh for the eggs and cheese. Except… you only get three tempeh strips. Not much of a substitution. The potatoes were crispy but didn’t have much flavor, so I ended up drowning them in ketchup.

I couldn’t find an email on their webpage, but since they have a Facebook fanpage I left a discussion on their page about suggesting a tofu scramble for their breakfast menu. I doubt I go back again for breakfast because $7 for a bowl of bland potatoes is unfair.

For lunch we went to Rosetta’s, which is always a pleasure (and a pleasure I’ve written about multiple times on this blog). My boyfriend got the $5 burrito, which is huge.

I chose the family favorite, which consists of peanut butter tofu, kale, and mashed potatoes with gravy. Comfort food at it’s best.

So, there’s just a couple of Asheville meals. And just to show off a little, here’s a really awesome tree pic: