Despite my lovely boyfriend having given me both Vegan Cookies and Vegan Cupcakes, I don’t make treats out of them often enough. Which is weird considering every time I do make one of the recipes, I scold myself for it happening so rarely.

So far my favorite recipe is still the carrot cake cupcakes (Oh, carrot cake. I love you so much.) However, I made the peanut butter cupcakes with chocolate icing and was pretty surprised at the outcome. They’re a contender for the top 5 vegan cupcakes now. 🙂

I sort of assumed they were going to be ridiculously sweet. So sweet and rich I wouldn’t be able to eat them. To my surprise though, they were nicely balanced. Lots of peanut butter flavor without being too much to handle.  They were also moist and fluffy, just like a good cupcake should be.

The chocolate drizzle was super easy, and will probably become my go-to recipe for anything I want to dip in chocolate (this is the season of strawberries…). It did suck that the chocolate chips were almost $6 a bag (!) but I suppose they were worth it. Afterall, much of the time the quality of the ingredients you use make or break a dish.

Here are the cupcakes I very much enjoyed making: