This is just a short post, but I wanted to share a recipe from the blog Have Cake, Will Travel that I made for lunch today. It was incredibly delicious, and will now became one of my frequently made quinoa salads. The recipe is for Protein-Happy Quinoa Salad, and contains black beans, raisins, quinoa, pumpkin seeds, carrots, and more. My favorite aspect of the meal was the combination of black beans and raisins. They went so well together, and I was really surprised. Since the raisins are cooked in the broth along with the quinoa, they get reconstituted and nice and plump. It was very filling.

I would recommend halving the recipe though. Even though I was using just half the ingredients, I still ended up with around 3 cups of salad, which is more than enough for one or two people.

And in case you were wondering about the picture, along with the quinoa salad I had a leftover slice of vegan pizza from Mellow Mushroom. Which I covered in vegan ranch dressing and fake bacon bits. Seriously.

Protein-Happy Quinoa Salad from Have Cake, Will Travel