I love living in a town where I can go out and get a delicious vegan breakfast. There’s a number of restaurants in Asheville, NC, that have vegan options, but I’ve just recently found my favorite: The Green Sage Coffeehouse and Cafe.

My boyfriend and I went for Sunday brunch a couple of weeks ago. We had to wait in line to order for almost half an hour, which gave me plenty of time to settle on the perfect breakfast.

David had a vegan biscuit with Portobello gravy, soysage, and sweet potato home fries. He wasn’t particularly thrilled with the gravy and he didn’t like the soysage. In fact, after we left to go berry picking, he mentioned that he hadn’t been all that impressed with The Green Sage. I had to disagree – I loved the gravy, and the soysage was delicious.

I got the tofu herb scramble with came with sweet potato home fries and grits served with Earth Balance, along with a vegan biscuit and soysage.

I’m usually pretty picky about my tofu scrambles since I make mine the same way every time, but The Green Sage’s was really good. It reminded me of the scramble recipe in Vegan Brunch. I also really enjoyed the sweet potato fries, and the grits.  The soysage tasted home-made and delicious, and my favorite thing about it was the texture, which was sort of meaty/chewy. (Though, the texture is the part David hated the most.)

Of course, delicious coffee completed the meal. I’d recommend this place if you’re ever in town. There’s a very cool atmosphere and it’s right in the heart of Downtown.