There are very few foods I hate. Even if I’m not particularly fond of a food, say cauliflower for instance, it can usually be cooked by some method that will yield delicious results.

I’ve been making a number of dishes recently in an attempt to “use my pantry down”, and there has been a flavor in some of those dishes that instantly turned me off. It’s tahini.

Hummus has been a frequent backpacking/hiking food of mine, but it was a choice made out of convenience, not taste. In fact, I’ve completely refrained from hummus during the last few months out of disgust for it, probably because it contains tahini.

The realization hit me today (that I hate tahini) after making a “cheese” dip. The ingredients were super normal – silken tofu, nutritional yeast, spices… and tahini. At first I enjoyed the dip, but as I progressed into eating it, I realized that flavor was there, and it dawned on me that those dishes I’d been making the past couple of weeks that tasted off to me all contained tahini.

So I’ve made the decision – no more for me. If any of my Asheville friends are reading this and want an almost full jar of organic tahini, let me know. I’m about to embark on a quest to de-tahini-fy foods like hummus, dips, etc.

Any suggestions on tahini-free hummus?