My paternal grandmother is known for making delicious and authentic Southern-style pound cakes. Authentic as in she actually uses a pound of everything. Obviously, being a vegan means I can’t eat her pound cake, and I’ve never had a vegan one.

I felt like baking something on Sunday, and I flipped through Veganomicon to look for something that looked good. I settled on the pound cake mainly because I didn’t feel like icing anything.

I was stunned at how simple the recipe turned out to be. The eggs were replaced by blended silken tofu, and it made the cake perfectly moist. The top was golden brown, and the lemon zest made the whole house smell so decadent and homely.

I served this alongside some Purely Decadent Coconut Vanilla ice cream (which, by the way, is creamy heaven) and North Carolina blueberries.

This pound cake impressed both my boyfriend and a really good (omnivorous!) friend of mine. I plan on making it often. Next time I may substitute orange zest for the lemon.