These are things I’ve cooked in the last week and a half.

Coconut “Ranch” Pizza

This non-traditional pizza has neither tomato sauce nor vegan cheese. Instead, I made a coconut cream “ranch-style” sauce. And it was delicious.

To make the sauce, I combined a large scoop of coconut cream, some of my basil oil, roasted garlic, and dill, salt, pepper, garlic salt, and a little rosemary and blended it using an immersion blender. Then I just spread it over a homemade crust, tossed some broccoli and roasted red peppers on top, and baked it. It was delicious.

Cajun Pot Pie

When my boyfriend and I went to the farmer’s market last Saturday, he really wanted some okra. I didn’t want fried okra, so I got creative and made a Cajun pot pie. The crust and gravy were from the Cajun Pot Pie recipe from American Vegan Kitchen, but I ignored the recipe for the filling and did my own thing. Okra, potatoes, corn, kale, celery, onion, carrots, and seitan. I think mushrooms would have been good too, but I didn’t have any. And for the record, the pie crust recipe from American Vegan Kitchen is perfect.

Stir-fried curried udon noodles

This recipe is from Veganomicon, and it was fantastic. My boyfriend raved about it even more than I did. It was super easy, mainly because udon noodles take only 5 minutes to cook. Definitely something I’m going to be making over and over again.