Digable Pizza in Asheville, NC is one of three pizza places in town where you can get vegan cheese on your pizza (at least, I only know of three). Mellow Mushroom and Brixx are more popular, but Digable is a great local chain in a very cool part of Asheville. It’s  very close to a great record store (Harvest Records) and an ice cream shop called The Hop that has fantastic vegan options, including the delicious lavender ice cream they sometimes have.

Digable Pizza is friendly to both vegans and people who eat gluten free. They offer both rice cheese and a vegan cheese. I’m not 100% sure what kind of vegan cheese they use, but it tastes a lot like mozzerella Daiya.

Dave and I opted for a 14″ roasted veggie pizza with a garlic rosemary crust. It was pretty good, and I loved that it was a great thin crust. One of the reasons I’m not a big fan of Brixx is that their crusts are so thin that it’s difficult to actually pick up a piece to eat it. The crust at Digable was thin, crispy, and you could eat it the way you’re supposed to.

The roasted veggie pizza is “tomato sauce, spinach, roasted zucchini, roasted summer squash, red onions, roasted potatoes, portobella mushrooms, mozzarella.” I absolutely loved the potatoes.

I also had a Highland Gaelic Ale to go along with it, which is one of my favorite Asheville brews.

I actually think Digable Pizza will be my choice from now on when I want to get a pizza. I love to support local companies, plus I was quite happy with the pizza. Check them out if you’re ever in town.

Digable Pizza

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