Every time I post about a recipe I’ve made from Tamasin Noye‘s American Vegan Kitchen I feel like I’m constantly gushing over every single dish. It’s warranted though, for sure.

I recently made the Beer-Simmered Seitan Stroganoff with Cracked Pepper and Parsleyed Noodles. I served it with frozen corn that was lightly sauteed in Earth Balance and a dash of honey*.

Beer-Simmered Seitan Stroganoff

I was a little skeptical at first because, although I’m a huge tamarind fan, I thought it made for an odd combination in this dish. However, it turned out great. The stroganoff was so good that my boyfriend ate almost two-thirds of the pan by himself.

The parsleyed noodles that go with this are really good by themselves – they’re basically butter noodles with fresh parsley. They’re also not bad cold.

This past Friday I also made the pineapple upside cake from this cookbook. No pictures though, because I somewhat fucked it up a bit. I used crushed pineapple as the topping because that’s all I had, and it stuck to the pan. But do know that it was delicious.

*Honey. I know that technically, honey is not considered vegan. I do, however, eat small quantities of local honey during the summer to ward off issues with my sinuses/allergies.