Usually I just eat maple-brown sugar oatmeal for breakfast, but sometimes the thought of another bowl of oatmeal just sounds so unexciting. That’s when I jump in the kitchen to make something exciting, like these two meals.

A few days ago, I made the Curry Scrambled Tofu with Cabbage and Caraway from Vegan Brunch. I used green cabbage rather than red because that was what I had, but I followed the rest of the recipe exactly. It was pretty good, but for me personally would be a better lunch or dinner recipe.

Curry Scrambled Tofu

Yesterday for breakfast I got creative. I was craving pizza, and my memory floated back to when I was a kid and Mom would make breakfast pizzas. So I veganized that memory.

Breakfast Pizza

Thin crust pizza, tomato sauce, maple cheeze sauce, tofu scramble, tvp sausage crumble, and roasted potatoes. In was so unbelievably delicious, and I’m working on perfecting the whole recipe to share with you guys. Sooo good.

I also made the Curried Split Pea Soup from Vegan with a Vengence for dinner last night, which is one of my favorite soups and one I frequently make. I topped it with some cock sauce.

Split Pea Soup Love

Just a quickie post to share a few meals with you before I head in the kitchen to whip up some low-fat banana pudding… 🙂