I’m still sick, but I dosed myself enough last night to enjoy the Fleet Foxes show at the Thomas Wolfe Auditorium in Asheville, NC last night. Their harmonies wound beautifully together, the crowd of hipsters danced awkwardly, and I was cuddled up next to my darling boyfriend. It was a good night.

Today for lunch I wanted to make something healthy – something that would combine lots of different vegetables into an easy meal that would help my body get the nutrients it needs. After casually roaming some recipes I’d saved on my computer, I came across a VeganDad recipe for sweet potato and kale quesedillas.

Kale, sweet potatoes, black beans… all three of them healthy and full of vitamins and nutrients, and all three of them incredibly delicious.

The recipe called for corn, but I was sad to realize upon starting the recipe that I was out of corn. No worries though. I chopped up some green bell pepper that my boyfriend’s parents grew (they have a great garden!) and threw it in instead.

The quesedillas were delicious, and incredibly filling. I used large tortillas rather than small, and I had trouble finishing it. The mashed sweet potatoes held the quesedillas together very well, and the Earth Balance buttered tortillas were nice and crispy.  I will definitely be making these again, and probably even experimenting with ingredients. (Butternut squash? Other greens?)

**As a sidenote, if you love quesadillas but hate flipping them, here’s a video of my boyfriend demonstrating his flipping skills. 🙂

I love the VeganDad blog, and this is just one of many recipes I’ve made. His recipes are realistic, easy, and filling. A few of the other recipes I’ve made and loved:

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