Though the title should be enough to make your mouth water, take a look at this picture of my lunch. Behold! The vegan Reuben Pizza!

This is hands-down the best pizza I have ever had. I’m actually still eating it as I write this because I couldn’t wait to blog about it.

The greatness starts with the crust. Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything Vegetarian has an incredible pizza crust recipe that comes out perfect every time. It’s a yeasted dough, it rises almost two inches at the corner.

Next came a layer of organic pizza sauce, Mozzerella Daiya, then sliced red onions, red sauerkraut, and marinated tempeh (using the mariande from Vegan with a Vengence tempeh reuben recipe). And finally, it’s topped with a liberal drizzle of vegan Thousand Island dressing.

Oh my gosh, it was so good! The flavors complemented one another so nicely.

When I was growing up I loved Reuben sandwiches on rye bread. It was one of my favorite lunches. It probably had a lot to do with how much I’ve always loved sauerkraut. So when I realized I could make a pizza with Reuben components as the toppings, I almost lost my mind with the awesomeness I was perceiving.

Please make this. Now. And as a bonus, you can make one of my favorite snacks from my fat kid days –

Leftover tempeh, pizza sauce, and Daiya appetizers. This also works incredibly well with (vegan) pepperoni!