Vegan Breakfast Stromboli

Stromboli is super rad. At least I think so. A wonderful, creamy filling encased by delicious bake dough? Yes, please!

The components:

Step 1: The dough.
Since I made pizza dough last night, I used store-bought yeasted thin crust dough. You can use your favorite recipe.

Step 2: The sauce and cheese.
The sauce was an organic brand I found at Whole Foods a few days ago, although I can’t remember the specific brand. The cheese was mozzarella Daiya. Use liberally.

Step 3: The tofu scramble.
Since the scramble is going to be rolled up with a bunch of other stuff, it doesn’t need to be fancy. I sautéed half a pound of crumbled tofu with a little oil, salt, turmeric, oregano, onion powder, and garlic powder for a about 10 minutes, or until it was pretty dry.  Throw this on top of the sauce and cheese.d

Step 4: The potatoes.
For the sake of quickness, I used store-bought shredded hash browns for this. Lightly brown them in oil over medium-high heat, and place in thin layer over the tofu scramble.

Step 5: The maple-sausage TVP.
I always have TVP on hand, so I rehydrated a quarter cup, and then sautéed it with soy sauce, maple syrup, dried sage, and fennel seeds until browned. Place on top of other ingredients.

Step 6: Roll and bake.
Roll up the dough, stick in a preheated oven, and cook until crust is cooked. Devour.

Be sure to go crazy with the Daiya! The gooey-ness really increases how delicious this is. I loved the TVP sausage a lot – when I first thought up this meal, I knew immediately I wanted to somehow incorporate maple syrup. After all, when I think breakfast, I usually think maple syrup. There was a perfect, subtle hint of maple in the finished Stromboli.

 Leftovers are fantastic. If you cut a big hunk off the bottom (with the end intact) you’ll have a hand-held sandwich to eat as you go!