Sometimes recipes unexpectedly flop. Maybe it’s a bad or inaccurate recipe, maybe you messed up… it happens. But I’m learning that sometimes, when something doesn’t taste good, it’s because I went against my common sense when selecting the recipe in the first place.

Last night for dinner I made two recipes from the very first cookbook I ever bought, Vegan Planet. The first sounded pretty exciting – cumin-spiced wagon wheels with jalapeno pesto. The second recipe was the savory spinach bread pudding.

The wagon wheels with jalapeno pesto wasn’t terrible by any means. It just wasn’t very exciting. I think I just expected more bang to the finished dish than I got. It was an unusual recipe that I’d been wanting to try, and I’m happy I finally made it, but doubt I’d make it again.

The bread pudding however… what was I thinking? Everyone knows what they like and don’t like to eat. One things I don’t like is an overwhelming taste of soy. And yet I completely ignored the fact that this recipe contains 3 cups of soy milk and 1 pound of silken tofu. I should have known I wouldn’t have liked the finished product. But I made it anyway. My boyfriend also thought it was awful.

I don’t mean for this post to be bashing Robin Robertson’s Vegan Planet. There are plenty of delicious recipes in that book! I just think I need to imagine the finished product more than just flipping through the pages and picking a random recipe.

Have any of you ever prepared a recipe and then realized that you don’t like the ingredients in it?