For the last day of Vegan Mofo, I want to share pictures from a fantastic local Japanese restaurant, Heiwa Shokudo.

My boyfriend and I have been there before, albeit a very long time ago. When we decided to eat out Friday night, he suggested sushi, and I instantly wanted some.

Heiwa is a pretty small restaurant with less than 10 tables, and is located at the edge of downtown Asheville. It’s laid-back but classy at the same time. The staff is super friendly and service is really quick.

To start off the meal, we ordered warm sake (the first of 3!).

We both love sake, so much so that along with the 3 glasses we ordered at Heiwa, we proceeded to pick some up on the way home also. It was so warming on such a cold, rainy night.

As an appetizer we ordered the vegetable gyoza. I loved their emerald green color, and of course they were delicious.

For my entrée I had a spicy tempeh roll and a pickled vegetable roll. The pickled vegetable roll was pretty good, nothing too exciting. The spicy tempeh roll, however, is probably the best sushi I’ve ever had. It’s spicy, but not so much that it makes you sweat, and very savory, and it’s wrapped in avocado. Plus, it is served beautifully, garnished with thinly sliced scallions and sesame seeds (the top roll in the picture below). I mentioned to the waitress after dinner that it was delicious, and she said that she and another waitress had thought it up to get her friend’s tempeh on the menu. I’m glad they created it – I’ll definitely be back to order it again.

I really like that they offer all their rolls with white or brown rice. I chose brown rice for these rolls because I’m always happy to add a little more nutritional value to my meal.

So, what’s the best sushi you’ve ever had?