Not having a computer is driving me absolutely bat-sh*t crazy. I feel so disconnected from the world when it comes to current events (we don’t have a TV), and I’m frustrated that out of three computers, none of them work. ugh. So I’ll continue to post when I can, and today I’ve got two reviews for you. First up, is Go Max Go! candy bars, and then following this post will be a review of Wingbean’s delicious food.

I was delighted when Go Max Go Foods offered to send me samples of their vegan candy bars. Here’s a quick run-down of what I got, and a few thoughts on each one.

Cleo’s Peanut Butter Cups
I loved peanut butter cups growing up, and I still like them enough to make them from time to time. These are just as delicious as the Resee Cups I grew up eating, except they taste more mature. The peanut butter is undoubtedly of better quality, and the rice milk chocolate coating is just as sweet and creamy as you can imagine. These are delicious, but I’m afraid I’d just as well make them myself, although if you want to satisfy your cravings more quickly, grab these.

Snap Bars
These are basically Crunch bars with rice-milk chocolate. They have a delightful crunch, and they’re the lightest tasting of all the bars. In fact, it’s the only sample I received that I almost finished off in one sitting.

My boyfriend said this tasted like a Babe Ruth, and although I’m sure he’s right, I can’t confirm since I haven’t had one since I was little and I can’t remember the taste. It was really good though, and was one of my favorites. It consists of really creamy caramel and chopped peanuts.

The Mahalo bar has a coconut filling with a chocolate coating and almonds on top. Although I absolutely adore coconut, this was too much for me to handle. I took my first bite expecting it to be my favorite, and was disappointed with how dense it was. I feel like it would taste better if it were thinner, or had a larger porportion of chocolate with the coconut. I couldn’t eat more than one bite of it because it was so thick. This was my least favorite of the six candies I’ve tried.

This tastes like a 3 Musketeers bar. Thick nouget covered in rice-milk chocolate. It was really tasty, and it bought back memories of my grandfather, who used to keep a bowl of mini 3 Musketeer bars by the couch in my grandparent’s den.

Undoubtedly my favorite, which is why I saved it for last. Lots of creamy caramel on top of chocolate nougat. Oh god, this was so good. I couldn’t stop eating it. Next time you’re in a store that sells Go Max Go products (I think most Whole Foods sells them), buy this! You won’t be disappointed.

My overall impression of this group of candy was that for the most part they’re so rich that one bite would probably be very satisfying for most people. That’s definitely a good thing since these vegan bars are slightly more expensive than their non-vegan cousins. As I was tasting these, I would end up taking one or two bites and sticking it in the fridge and eating pieces off of it over the next two days.

I also love rice-milk chocolate as an alternative to the dark chocolate I usually rely on when I buy vegan candy. It’s sweeter and feels like more of a treat.

Although I don’t see myself buying these very often, they’re great if you want to treat yourself to something special. Have any of you had any of these chocolate bars? What did you think?

For more information, visit Go Max Go Foods’ website.