A few weeks ago I posted a quick write-up on a new Asheville vegan food delivery service named Wingbean. Well, owners Pamela and Scott gave my boyfriend and I a free order to try, and it was good. I’d been wanting to try the food badly, but with a part-time job in retail it’s hard to afford much.

The food comes nicely stacked in an insulated bag with reusable ice cubes. Everything is numbered according to the menu.

The menu was as follows:

Green-Nut Noodles
This is an Asian rice noodle dish with a peanut sauce and vegetables. The menu suggests re-heating, but this was also good cold. My only complaint about this dish was that it wasn’t spicy enough, but I just doused it with bottled hot sauce. The Great Slaw of China (below) goes incredibly well with this. I feel like this would also be good with whole or chopped cashews.

Sweet and Sour Tempeh
This was my favorite dish on the menu. The locally-produced tempeh was incredibly flavorful and juicy, and I loved the hunks of pineapple. I ended up eating all of the tempeh since my crazy boyfriend thinks tempeh in any form tastes terrible, but I wouldn’t complain about that! I ate this with a side of the Great Slaw of China.

Tamale Pie
This dish was a beans-veggies-tvp mixture topped with a corn grit cake on top. Again, it wasn’t spicy enough for me, but I do realize that most people don’t like to sweat while they eat, so I let it go. My boyfriend really enjoyed this one.

Fall Harvest Pilaf

This was the only dish neither of us were crazy about, but it’s more of a personal preference than it having to do with taste. Neither my boyfriend nor I are fans of cold grain salads. The acorn squash was really good though, and I love how pretty it looked opening up the container. The cashews were a really nice touch. I used the leftovers in a green salad the next day for lunch.

Saffron Zucchini
This zucchini was off the chain. It was really vibrant, and a great side dish. I used leftovers in a tofu scramble the next morning and it couldn’t of been tastier. The zucchini was cooked perfectly, and the spices were spot-on.

This was a good Southern-style dish that I enjoyed along with the pilaf and the Minestrone (below). It was really good, and seasoned well. (Of course, I added hot sauce because that’s what I do.)

Great Slaw of China
Asian-style cole slaw. Aside from going well with the Sweet and sour tempeh, this is a great snack, and really good on a sandwich. It’s made with greens and fresh herbs like basil and mint.

Minestrone Soup
This was a good, warming soup. Although I wasn’t too fond of the gluten-free noodles (they do taste slightly different), the overall soup was really good. With a piece of toast slathered in Earth Balance, this would make a lovely light lunch.

The New Fashioned Chocolate Chip Cookies were so good that my boyfriend and I split them and finished them off at once. Very delicious.

I was pleased with all the dishes, and it would definitely be a great option for people who are too busy to cook or students. I used the majority of these dishes to supplement whatever I was making for dinner, but they could certainly be eaten on their own. I just really enjoy cooking, so I would make something of my own to go along with the Wingbean options.

The print menu you receive with your bag lists detailed descriptions of the dishes, as well as information about how best to re-heat them and what other options they pair well with. The back side lists the ingredients for everything. I was really happy to see that all of Wingbean’s food is made with simple, whole ingredients, and the majority are organic.

For more information on Wingbean (and to look at their menu and place an order), visit their website: Wingbean.