Food that is cute is so much fun to eat. Sure, you could eat tofu scramble with a side of toast. But why not do something fancy with it. Like this:

I saw this on Your Vegan Mom‘s blog. It’s one of those things that, despite being ridiculously easy to do, will undoubtedly impress your friends. I baked the toast cups while I made the scramble, and it was done in 20 minutes. I kept the scramble super basic – just tofu, spices, and shredded carrots.

I really enjoyed chowing down on these for breakfast. They were a little messy (the scramble kept falling out), but in all honesty I stuffed these suckers to overflowing.

Another breakfast option I’ve been eating lately are the coffeehouse hermits from Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar.

Regular readers of Ahimsa will know that I don’t have much of a sweet tooth and that I’m not particularly fond of anything overly sweet, so I was thrilled to find out after baking these that the sweetness is very subtle. The coffee flavor is deep, and I love the chewy raisins. I’ve been eating these on my 45-minute walks to work every morning, and I’ve become somewhat addicted. I topped them off with a little orange sugar that my awesome vegan chef friend made. The only problem I encountered with this recipe was that I had to add almost a cup more of flour than the recipe called for.