What you see in this picture is the most delicious vegan cake I’ve ever made, topped with very simple chocolate and orange glazes.

The recipe for the cake (wacky cake!) is from The Vegan Zombie. There are only a few ingredients, and they’re all pantry staples. I was thrilled when I found the recipe, because I was craving something chocolate-y, but I was out of soy milk. Luckily, this recipe uses water as the main liquid. You can get easier than that!

The cake turned out super moist, almost fudgey.

The icing was from FatFree Vegan’s Chocolate-Orange Cake recipe. In fact, it was two icings. One was a chocolate-orange frosting, and the other was an orange icing. I used some high quality ingredients here, whose tastes shone through in the cake.

(The orange sugar wasn’t for the icing, I used it in the actual cake.)

My brother, a friend, and I all agreed this cake was killer. I keep finding myself going back for more. I’m actually eating some now. 🙂