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Shopping List

Vegan Shopping List

This week’s shopping list is all about my favorite vegan kitchen staples. These are products that I literally cannot do without.

parmalargeThis raw parmesan cheeze is my favorite topping on salad, popcorn, veggies, and anything else you can imagine. It’s made with nutritional yeast and nuts, and it lasts forever. $4.50 at Cosmo’s.

778-lMori-Nu’s Firm Silken Tofu is my favorite brand to use, mainly because it can be stored outside of the refridgerator, making it dorm-friendly. I like to stock up on it in case I want to make a “chicken” salad for lunch. $2.29 at Pangea.

231-lEner-G Egg Replacer is a godsend for many vegans. I’d be pretty damn lost without it. $6.79 at Pangea.

tofuttisliceslargeTofutti makes my favorite vegan cheese (for now anyway, lol). It melts and tastes great on a sandwich or by itself. Mozzarella is my favorite of the two. $3.69 at Cosmo’s.

500-lGoji berries are simply amazing. I’ve written before about their benefits, and I recommend them to anyone who wants to get in on the whole superfood thing. They’re a little expensive, but a just a little handful goes a long way. I eat them in my oatmeal/musli, you can mix them into a smoothie, or just eat them straight out of the package. $8.99 at Pangea.

581-lVegenaise is without a doubt the best vegan mayo. I usually tend to buy the grapeseed oil variety. One of the stranger things I do with mayo is dip french fries in it. I’m sure I’m not the only one who eats this, but I get some strange looks sometimes. $5.39 at Pangea.

dijonnayonaiseI use Dijon Nayonaise for sandwhiches and potato salad. Sure, you could make it yourself using dijon mustard and Veganaise, but this is just easier. $4.39 at Vegan Essentials.

Have any of you got any food products you absolutely cannot live without? Share in the comments.

Vegan Shopping List

Here are my picks for this week’s vegan shopping list:

213-lWhen a lot of people go vegan, one of the things they end up missing the most is cheese. I thought I’d be the same way, but I really never wanted it after making the transition. Even today I don’t eat a lot of cheezy things. But Road’s End Organics Nacho Chreese Dip is really, really good. Whenever I buy a jar it’s gone by the end of the day. It tastes authentic, and would be a great addition to your next vegan mexican night. $4.69 at Pangea.

u3lj09w520r5t6uz_mI bought a wallet from Queen Bee Creations three years ago, and it still looks brand new. So much for that myth about leather lasting longer than vinyl! Everything is handmade and gorgeous. This Kyoto Wallet is just $48.

abc_cookieslgEven though I’m lacking a sweet tooth, these cookies are soooo good. Sure, they’re not at all healthy for you, but who cares. The Peanut Butter Chocolate Chips is my favorite. $1.95 at Vegan Essentials.

filerujlpfullThese are incredibly expensive at $239, but they are quite nice. Available at MooShoes.

jyoticanslgI love Indian food, and being able to buy Indian food in a can makes me a happy college student! The Punjabi Chhole is by far my favorite. $3.59 at Vegan Essentials.

Vegan Shopping List

As I stated in my previous post, every Saturday I will feature a Vegan Shopping List on this blog, highlighting my favorite vegan products.

4220e6d191deeAlba’s Sparkling Mint Bath & Shower Gel smells superb! I love mint, and this body wash really is refreshing. It’s not cheap at $9, but this moisturizing gel won’t disappoint you. Waking up and using this makes me not dread going to my morning classes!

crackerslargeEco-Planet’s Non-Dairy Cheddar crackers taste very close to cheez-its. I love them with a good soup! They’ll also be a great addition to any vegan lunchbox. $3.79 at Cosmo’s Vegan Shoppe.

il_430xn60757038Made with 100% cotton thread, these handmade peace sign earrings look amazing. They might be a little large for some (1 3/4″ diameter), but I absolutely love them! And the best part – they’re only $5!!!! Flowerfly.

61p0s0trcml_sl500_aa240_RAWvolution is my favorite raw cookbook. With the exception of the onion soup (which is just way to strong for my tastes), I’ve loved every single recipe I’ve tried. My favorites are the vegetable lasagna, egg salad, and mango chutney. $23.10 at Amazon.

baliwoodtotegrn_det1I want this bag!!!  I love the bohomian/hippy look it has, plus it’s big enough to be able to hold all the pointless stuff I carry around with me. $48 at Alternative Outfitters. There’s a matching wallet available too.

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